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The Galo System

Coach Galo is the only person in the world who can do what he does, and transforms players to make shots using The Galo Method. Don’t just take it, MAKE it. 

As an offensive efficiency specialist, Coach Galo will transform your basketball performance. Coach Galo knows why players miss shots, even when the shooting coaches are stumped.

The Galo Method is unlike any other basketball shot-making system available to players. There are no gimmicks, there is no “catch” to what Coach Galo has developed. What Coach Galo does is simplify movements for a player to make shots more accurately, consistently, and more reliably truly based on scientific principles, creating an economy of movement. The Galo Method is engineered from categorically superior movements that contribute to consistency and accuracy as a shooter.

The Galo Method is the only program that recognizes and remedies the fundamental flaws inherent in the ‘traditional’ approaches to shooting that are being taught today.

We can’t give you all the details here – Coach Galo would love to talk to you and meet in person – but we can explain this is a unique and effective program. In an uncomplicated way, The Galo Method trains players to improve their shooting performance quickly and reliably.

Who can benefit?

The Galo System is effective with players of all levels, including NBA, G League, International, collegiate, and youth, dramatically improving the shot-making. You are never too old, too young, too short, or too tall to effectively learn The Galo Method.

Give Coach Galo 24 hours of training- compare that to all of the hours and repetitions over the years until now. He’ll transform your basketball game with the first true innovation in basketball shot making in 50 years.