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Video Analysis

Improve Your Shooting Remotely:

  1. Send a video of yourself, with our instructions, shooting baskets from a variety of angles & distances so that Coach Galo can comprehensively analyze it and break it down. Based on the detailed and complete analysis, you will receive a customized instructional video back detailing how and what to do to begin improving your technique while experiencing improvement in your shot making ability. The video can be from your own shooting practice, game, or shoot-around.
  2. Coach Galo will then review your film and produce a full professional analysis! The analysis will be either through FaceTime or posted to your own private video vault, which will include specific instructions for improvement, so you have a detailed plan to help you grow and develop.
Coach Galo bases all instruction on scientific research, not traditional basketball fundamentals, you’re getting the same access to these proven techniques, but from the convenience of your own location anywhere in the world.

You’re getting access to the same information Coach Galo charges clients $1500.00 for, without travel expenses. Get the most out of your basketball ability or potential. More than ever, shot-making is at an all time premium. Think about how much money you could continue wasting on a shooting coach, teaching the traditional techniques, which according to stats, are not working very well. With Coach Galo’s remote analysis, you’ll have access to your videos forever, so you can go back and reference anything, as many times as needed.