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“Not even a full day and my coach sees the improvement. I don’t know if I was doing this 100% right but it’s noticeable! You’re a genius! I only missed 2 FTs.”

– Nate Pierre-Louis, Lakers Organization

“My guy! One of the best in the business! He’s the shot doctor! He helped my shooting go up over 20%- amazing!”

– Fatima “TNT” Maddox, Harlem Globetrotters

“Excited to work with Roger again this semester, we’ll have some good shooting analysis coming his way!” – Zach Knowlton, Senior Analyst of the Sacramento Kings on the collaboration between Roger Galo and BYU.

John Nash, GM of the Philadelphia 76ers, referred to Roger Galo, as a “World Class Shooter.”

Coach G and Duke University Women’s Athletic staff described a recruit trained by Roger as “having one of the nicest jump shots they’ve ever seen.”

Michael Barkann, NBC Daily News Live host, called The Galo Method “amazing.”

“THE BEST SHOOTING TEACHER EVER. This man helped me a lot in my life and in my development as a basketball player. He is always willing to share his knowledge and also, he is the best shooter in the world. I am still trying to win a shooting competition against him.”

– Marcos Sanchez Sopeña, Argentina Pro Team

Thanks to Roger, we are winning! Thanks for teaching them how to shoot.

16-1 in league play, 26-4 overall and we won 2 playoff games so far.

– Ron Artest Sr., father of Metta World Peace, founder of Artest University

“I had Roger work with my sons on their shooting for several years and both of them improved. Roger is very patient with his students but definitely requires that they improve on their skills while under his direction. He is a really good person and really understands the art of shooting a basketball.”

– Chuck Gilbert, father of Marcus Gilbert, FIBA

“Best shooting coach hands down! Day 1 was a success. I caught him shooting a jump shot and he walked off with confidence and didn’t even look back.”

-James Butler

“Gavin had travel baseball practice tonight and his coaches said his shooting was always good but incredible tonight, all from your clinic this past weekend. In a scrimmage he made 5/5 3’s and shot completely straight. Thank you for this.”

-Nicole McPeak

“Roger has an excellent basketball IQ, he helped my son see more aspects of the game than ever before. He is patient, diligent, and motivating. I would recommend Roger to anyone, any age, looking to improve their shot and overall game.”

– Mimi Moynihan

“Roger is one of the smoothest most natural shooters I’ve ever seen. Let him teach you how it’s done right. Great, funny, witty personality. A true gem of a person.”

– Mark Wasylik

“Roger is dedicated to whatever he does and puts 110% into his work. I know Roger can improve anyone’s game. Players trained by him will certainly have a better game, for he is the master of the game. My son has improved his game so much he is leading the conference in scoring. I’ve known him since Junior High School and his basketball skills were off the charts. He Worked daily to improve his game which showed as a college ball player. His records still stand after 40 years after graduation. Thank you Roger Galo!”

-Jonathan Martin

“Always on point and focused! Congratulations on your college records and being contacted by the Seattle Supersonics following their championship.”

– Robert Thomas

“Roger is an outstanding coach and excels in training all his athletes. He goes far and beyond!”

– Leona McFadden

Coach Roger Galo Will Dramatically Improve Your Shooting Game.

Increase your shooting accuracy from all 3 areas: foul line, short/ mid range, and 3 point.

Dramatic results can be achieved, contrary to conventional thinking even during the season.

Practicing the right things the right way, results are significantly recognizable.


                More Notable Clients (Youth):                                   

Calvin Szoradi
Episcopal Academy

Arielle Willis
Penn Charter Varsity

Rowan Goranson
University HS Varsity, San Francisco, CA

Teddy Pendergrass III
Lower Merion HS Varsity

Gabe Altemus
Overtime League AAU

Wyatt Perry
Omaha, NE Sports Academy

Gracin Prater
Priceville Varsity, Alabama

The Ron Artest Foundation
Boys & Girls Club, Queens

Kiajah Hentry
Wissahickon HS, AAU

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