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The Galo System

The Galo System Will Improve Your Basketball Shooting Percentage Dramatically.

In fact, Coach Galo will transform your basketball game in 24 hours.  Coach Galo knows why players miss shots…even when the “experts” are stumped. This gift of the Galo System can be replicated and passed on to others – it is accurate, reliable, consistent, and repeatable.

The Galo System is unlike any other basketball tool available to players. There are no gimmicks, there is no “catch” to what Coach Galo has developed. What Coach Galo does is simplify movements for a player to make his/her shot more accurate and consistent, and more reliable. He likes to call it the economy of movement.
The Galo System is so proven and effective, Coach Galo guarantees that he will improve the shooting percentage of all players. That’s right – players who work with Coach Galo are guaranteed to improve both their accuracy and consistency of shooting a basketball.

Coach Galo is the only person in the world who can do what he does, and teaches others to shoot using the highly accurate and consistent Galo System.

The Galo System is the only program that recognizes and remedies the fundamental flaws inherent in the ‘traditional’ approaches to shooting that are being taught today.

We can’t give you all the details here – Coach Galo would love to talk to you and meet you in person – but we can explain this is a unique and effective program. In an uncomplicated way, the Galo System trains players to improve their shooting performance quickly.

Who can benefit?

The Galo System is effective with youth players, with college players, with rec players, with pro players. The System dramatically improves the shooting game of everyone – boy and girl players, men and women players – as it teaches them how to use their bodies to shoot the ball – not throw it. You are never too old, too young, too short or too tall to effectively learn the Galo Shot Making System.


Give Coach Galo 24 hours. He’ll transform your basketball game with the first true innovation in basketball shot making in 50 years.

Contact Coach Galo today.

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